About Us
Dubai Investments Ginny Money Box(GMB) was conceived in 2013 with a vision of providing high level investment services. Based on a sound business model that promotes consistent growth, Ginny Money Box(GMB)has established a reputation of being one of the most credible public joint stock companies in the region.

The diverse portfolio of companies combined with a sound business model and experienced leadership make up the core of an unshakable foundation which has enabled GMB to prosper and remain resilient in the face of global economic challenges and uncertainties.

Our investment philosophy is distinguished by a commitment to integrity, rooted responsibility, performance and innovation. Decisions and practices are founded on proficient analysis from both regional and global perspectives and maintaining a consistent yet dynamic investment style based on a well-defined and structured process. Through a prudent use of capital, professional management skills, and a rigorous investment strategy that meets the needs of our clients in establishing, acquiring or forming joint venture companies throughout the region, GMB is moving steadily towards becoming the leading investment company in the Middle East.

Investing in healthy and promising businesses and achieving attractive and sustainable returns are at the core of our operating principles. Shareholder satisfaction is our aim as we strive to provide a solid investment platform with reliable services, high standards and a constant drive for excellence through a commitment to total quality, use of new technology, and being a good corporate citizen.

Seeking to leverage our business model, we unrelentingly endorse our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs which aim to scale-up GMB’s excellent performance and maintain its commitment to society. Our support for investment literacy and a well educated society will not only have a greater positive impact on our community, but will also create more value for shareholders, thereby actively contributing to a stimulating marketplace in the UAE.

Since our inception we have progressively built up an extensive network of stakeholders in the corporate business and investment communities, and society, developing long-term mutually respected relationships, and building on these to forge strong bonds with key sectors of business and industry as well as with our surrounding communities.

For more than a decade now our vision, values, capacity, and enthusiasm to achieve and make a difference have been reflected into our solid performance. I am confident that by sustaining this momentum, we will be able to reach even greater heights in the future.


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